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PT Dan Liris | Dan Liris Conducts Training Sessions on Work Health & Safety

Dan Liris recently hosted two in-house training sessions on the topic of work health and safety for a number of its workers which took place on 12th May 2016 and 21st July 2016. As a leading textile and garment company in Indonesia, Dan Liris adopts stringent standards on workplace safety as well as the wellbeing of its employees. This underlying commitment is part of the company’s identity that prioritises on human resources as a key driver of Dan Liris’ success. As testament to this, Dan Liris fully maintains a close-knit corporate culture and actively encourages its employees to develop new skills to contribute to the textile and garment industry.

Dan Liris’ training professionals shared their knowledge on a range of dangers which are commonly found inside a working space; the types of hazards are related to physical dangers, mental health, and chemical threats among other forms. The company believes that seminars on work health and safety are vital to the long-term sustainability of Dan Liris’ business operations and thus hosts the said sessions on a regular basis. As part of the training, employees were also provided with in-depth information regarding health risk assessments which is an integral area of focus that must be respected by any company.

Longstanding expertise in textile and garment manufacturing has enabled Dan Liris to implement initiatives which promotes a reliable workflow that is led by the company’s staff members. Moving forward, Dan Liris is expected to continue with the provision of training sessions which aims to benefit its employees as well as the company’s daily operations.

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